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Who we are ?

About Airef.

Started in 1958, we are specializing as manufacturing company of the refrigeration equipment. We are very committed in delivering the latest and the best refrigeration technology in prompt and good after sales service.
And We Serve:

Standard Manufacturing

As Indonesian manufacturing of refrigeration. We has applied the latest technology to create high quality product. Our products have standard of quality has been tested in Germany.

Design & Build

Designing and build various products to meet the customer needs. We provide a wide selection of products to suit your needs.


As modern manufactur, our committed to meet your cooling needs. We facilitate you to know what your need and really efective for your cooling needs.


PT. Selaras Mandiri Tehnik is a special manufacturing company of Refrigeration equipment's since 1958. Started in the city of Surabaya Indonesia, committed in delivery latest best refrigeration technology and provide prompt after sales service. Today SMT has been growing into be one of the leading Refrigeration Company in region and strongly commit to customer's satisfactions.

We are carrying 2 famous brands AIREF and GREENHALGH.

AIREF stands for excellent refrigeration equipment covering wide range commercial and industrial applications, as well stationary and transport refrigeration.

GREENHALGH stands for superior quality in air cooled heat exchanger such as condenser, evaporator, dry cooler, etc.

Our Vision

Become a global company in refrigeration supporting a program providing machin unit for cold chain.

Our Mission 1

Producing a condensor, evaporator and condensing unit with the best quality for to meet the customer needs.

Our Mission 2

Provide the fast service, practical and proective for customer needs.

Our Mission 3

Active in corrective and improvement the quality management system.
What we Make

Our Products.


The best quality Fin heat exchanger with optimum refrigerant charge. The condensers connecting to refrigeran R404a and R290 with different capacity from small or large capacity.


High efficiency heat exchanger fin and tube design for maximizing the sensible capacity and minimizing the latent heat and frost losses in balance with a cost efficient heat transfer coefficiency. There are 5 series for different structure.

Dry Cooler

Industrial Air conditioning process engineering unit-type heating/power station, suitable for heat emision into air and erection in the open air

Condensing Unit & Rack

The best performance heat exchanger, compatible and selected base on Greenhalgh performance.

Cold Storage AK/AT

New package of chiller and freezer system. This cooling system has the best components including with smart cooling system to keeping the freeshness of various materials.

Ice Flake

AIREF introduces new product innovation in the field of refrigeration. AIREF AF-Series present to give your freezing solution, AF-Series has a capacity of 0.5 tons to 10 tons in 24 hours. AF-Series has an overall strength of 3.9 kW up to 59.5 kW are power

We Serve
All Industries.

As Indonesian company of refrigeration, we produce reliable products with the most energy efficient technology. Our products can be applied for many material, like: meat, fish, fruity and vegetables. Our products are reliable to keep the freshness of various materials.

Some Tips For You !

Airef News.

AIREF has growing to provide the latest technology of refrigeration equipments and keep doing innovation for giving cooling needs solution. Continuously doing the develop Innovation and actively to provide knowledge about the refrigeration through CSR and seminar program.

Training unit untuk instalasi sistem menggunakan HIDROKARBON yang aman dan efisien

Training unit untuk instalasi sistem menggunakan HIDROKARBON yang aman dan efisien

Training unit ini khusus didesain untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelatihan instalasi yang aman dan energi efisien menggunakan refrigerant hidrokarbon  (mudah terbakar).  Seperti diketahui, seora...
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Training Unit Untuk COLD ROOM Yang Menggunakan Sistem HIDROKARBON

Training Unit Untuk COLD ROOM Yang Menggunakan Sistem HIDROKARBON

Cold room ini didesain khusus untuk keperluan training perawatan, pengoperasian, dan perbaikan sistem cold room menggunakan hirokarbon (flammable refrigerant) sesuai dengan standar EN 378 sehingga mem...
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Launching PV-Solar Plant Ice Block Machine with 4.0 Technology

Launching PV-Solar Plant Ice Block Machine with 4.0 Technology

Launching unit PV-Solar Plant Ice Maker With 4.0 Technology are reliable performance and very friendly ozone with R290 refrigerant. Ice maker have an 1.2 Ton ice capacity production with smart system...
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Why Airef.

We deliver the best technology in refrigeration.

As the leading company in refrigeration, we continously to improve innovation & encloser to you.

the best quality fin heat-exchanger with optimum refrigerant charge

Our product are reliable, efficient & durable. Best solution for your cooling need.

We built & own our 40.000m2 factory

Our Client's satisfaction is our Priority!

Our Certifications.

The implementation of standards in our industry and commerce are highly important. We keep ongoing continuous improvement through out our product, services and processes in our organization. We velue our customer and constanly evaluate and improve our poducts,services and efficiency

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Our Brand Network.

We are integrated with our other companies, as a strong network in the field of refrigeration for continues to meet the customer cooling needs.

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