C4 Series.

Greenhalgh condenser is the first choice for refrigeration and AC industry.

C4 Series

High efficiency Heat Exchanger
- Capacity designs for maximizing the heat transfer relative to the energy consumption of the fan
- Tube and tube coupling design for low pressure drop in the coil on the refrigerant sides (maximum 0.63 K at R404a designing condition)
- The Greenhalgh thermodynamic and aerodynamic designing software is long year tested and proved in germany

Performance data
With fin spacing 2.2mm

*We keep the right to change the technical data at anytime

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- 7mm inner grooved copper tube
- Heavy gauge aluminium fin
- Wind suction separator
- Motor protection class IP54 Galvalume steel casing
- End plates with collar extruded to avoid tube leakage due to vibration and thermal friction
- Powder coating rust resistant finished

- Coil design for refrigerant: R410A, R407C
- Multiple circuits
- Sub-cooling circuits
- Stainless steel or aluminum casing
- Coated aluminum, copper fins and anti-corrosion expoxy fin
- Explosion proof motor
- Customize fin spacing

The new Greenhalgh range of air-condeser has been developed using Australian know how and internationally prooven technology employing the very latest in CNC manufacturing equipment.

Product Specification

C4 Series.

Condenser with a capacity 8kW~1800kW and surface 20~4100m2 whice has wide application range. It is flexible to match with different size of compressor. Use low specific energy consumption fans, high efficiency inner groove copper tube and sine wave aluminum fin. Durable material with slim but rigid enclosure hard gloss powder coated sheet metal offers corrosion proof under hostile environment. There are top air outlet or side air outlet construct for C1 series, "V" type for C2 series. C2 float coil can prevent refrigeration leakage effectively, it ensures a durable and safety finned heat exchanger.