Condensing Unit & Rack

IZFI Condensing Unit.

IZFI Condensing Unit

Performance data with R404a
Capacity & power (kW) at 50Hz, TFD

Q : Cooling capacity (kW)
P : Total power (kW)
Superheat : 10K

- Vapor injection technology for 20% higher efficiency
-  Scroll efficiency and reliability
- Smooth scroll movement
- CoreSense for Copeland scroll compressors
- Wide range operating envelope
- Save on applied costs and assembly time

Product Specification

IZFI Condensing Unit.

The IZFI - 7.5 to 15HP CDU platform has been developed specifically for low temperature refrigeration applications. The condensing units are designed by integrating the highly efficient ZFI*KQE Vapor Injections compressor which delivers 20% higher efficiency compared to single stage compressors. The unit are equipped with CoreSense to control the discharge line temperature using Vapor Injection thereby ensuring reliability at low temperature operation.