Condensing Unit & Rack

Condensing Unit ACU Series.

Condensing Unit ACU Series

Performance data with R404a

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- 7mm Inner grooved copper tube
- Heavy gauge aluminum fin
- Wind suction separator
- Motor protection class IP54
- Galvalume steel casing
- End plates with collar extruded to avoid tube leakage due to vibration and thermal friction
- Powder coating finished
- Frascold semi-hermetic compressors

- Special coated fin, copper fin
- Stainless steel or aluminum casing
- Special voltage motor
- Motor with EC technology
- Explosion proof motor

Product Specification

Condensing Unit ACU Series.

ACU-Series has supported by Greenhalgh MC-Series Condenser has been designed to provide a wide variety of performance options. Condensing unit capacity range from 3HP to 35HP with R404a @15KTD to suit the customer’s requirements in small up to a large capacities.